Fudgelearn Oracle training insight

Top 5 OGL Use Case Examples For Oracle Fusion Adoption Success!

Fudgelearn Oracle training insight

Top 5 OGL Use Case Examples For Oracle Fusion Adoption Success!

by | Apr 29, 2024 | Articles, Fudgelearn

Oracle Guided Learning (OGL) is a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) that supports users as they navigate through their Oracle Fusion Application.


Oracle offer two versions of OGL:

  1. Premium
  2. And their free “try before you buy” version, Oracle Guided Learning Included (OGLi).

OGL vs. OGLi

From our experience, we have identified 5 common and compelling Use Case examples showcasing how OGL can be applied within your Fusion environment for successful and seamless user-adoption and communication!

Welcome, Engage and Train New Employees
  • Create personalised messages to new users, welcoming to the new system. Embedding videos can provide a systems overview and introduction to functionality. 
  • Ensure employees complete required onboarding tasks using personalised tasks lists, comprising process guides for key tasks, links to key policies and procedures, etc. 
  • Help new users navigate unfamiliar dashboards by prompting Landing Page / Dashboard Tours.
  • OGLi guides can all link out directly to LMS content, ensuring employees are fully trained before utilising system functionality.   


Change Management
  • Ongoing Business Change Management- assists users by provide reminders about upcoming downtime, news items and important business deadlines.
  • Oracle Quarterly Updates- provides users with critical information about system updates and improvements, ensuring new functionality is quickly adopted. 
  • Alert Users to new business processes or system functionality through noticeable links to updated process guides and E learning content
  • Gain feedback from users via feedback functionality


Oracle Implementation and Go-Live Support
  • Easy access to Business Process Training for Project team during the implementation process followed with additional in system, guidance via My Oracle Support Content
  • Utilise messaging and news functionality to communicate important changes and updates with project team during implementation. 
  • At Go-Live and during Hypercare periods, critical messaging can be quickly delivered to users globally, quickly directing users to relevant support and efficiently addressing FAQ’s. Messages can be tailored according to user role, time of day, language etc.
Communicate Business Values & Policies
  • Demonstrate to employees the commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives across the business. Utilise user data input to provide tailored responses aligning to company values. 
  • Green Icons can provide prompts to users about environmental sustainability, including carbon footprint reminders, Think before you Print prompts, etc. 
  • Wellness Icons can promote business values on social responsibility initiatives, such as providing reminders to users about well-being support in system or across the business.  ​​
  • Up-to-date policies can be linked to in messaging or via the Help Widget.
Process Compliance and Data Quality
  • Support Users completing processes by providing contextual tips and information. Hints and tips can be tailored around business feedback on repeated points of failure. Users can also be directed to relevant policies, procedures or Training materials.
  • Ensure Data Accuracy by applying checks on user inputted data (option to disable buttons until user enters accurate data).

How To Enhance The Potential Of OGLi…

We recommend forming a knowledgeable OGL team to manage the support tool. Your team should be comprised of people who can identify and address your unique business incentives and understand how to design and develop OGL content to support your objectives. You can then be confident that OGL will achieve maximum impact as your users navigate through tasks within the Fusion environment.  


How We Can Help

We have OGL experts ready, with the knowledge and resources available. As an Oracle Partner, we are trusted to provide support from implementation, developing and designing meaningful assets within your Fusion environment.


We have seen the value OGL has provided to our clients, which is why we have created an OGLi Package so you gain our expertise and feel confident that OGL is working for you to support your users!  

  • Implement your OGL.  
  • Develop meaningful assets for your business.  
  • Get THREE MONTHS of dedicated support post-implementation.
  • Assist, troubleshoot issues, and ensure ongoing smooth operation through the first Oracle update.  


To get started, schedule a meeting today!


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