Fudgelearn unites your knowledge

Oracle Learning Subscriptions

All-digital learning tool for IT professionals.

Fudgelearn unites your knowledge

Oracle Learning Subscriptions

All-digital learning tool for IT professionals.

Oracle Learning Subscriptions is an all-digital learning tool for IT professionals that require Oracle training. You can subscribe to either an Oracle Cloud Applications or Oracle Technology (Legacy Products) Learning Subscription. For 12 months you get 24/7 access to the most comprehensive digital training solution offered by Oracle.

Learning Subscriptions are a great way to learn, build and validate your expertise, and track your learning progress. Not sure whether your Oracle product is covered by the subscription? Speak to our team and we will advise you accordingly. BOOK TIME HERE

Benefits of Oracle Learning Subscriptions:

  • High Definition recorded video of an Oracle
  • University product expert delivering content
  • Online access to over 120 courses 24/7
  • Hands-on lab exercises for live practice
  • Access to virtual sessions
  • Certification exams included with subscription

How does Fudgelearn add value?

Learning Subscriptions is a convenient and cost-effective way to train your IT specialists. Oracle has developed a range of tailored digital learning platforms across all its products. Though these generic packages are flexible and scalable, they are not adaptable to your specific needs.

Many of our customers have found higher value in the powerful combination of the standard Oracle training and our services. Our complimentary services are flexible and available on a subscription basis as a monthly retainer.

Find out how to get the most of Oracle investment with Fudgelearn blended approach to learning subscriptions.

Book a demo to preview Oracle learning subscriptions. Our expert will answer your questions and explain its main features, benefits and value-added by our services.

Benefits of our Blended Approach

Higher return on investment.

Personalised training programs.

Onsite expert support.

Ongoing account management & reporting.

Professional certifications.

  • No time and money wasted on pointless training. Our individual or group Training Needs Analysis (TNA) not only ensures you buy the correct Learning Subscription but also maps the training to your people.
  • Maximum gains from learning. We break learning into personalised learning paths for your people based on their role and requirements to ensure they get maximum benefits from the subscription.
  • Enhanced learners’ engagement. Your dedicated account manager will provide regular reporting, 121 personal support and will regularly revise learning paths.  This personalised approach significantly improves learners’ engagement and increases value from the Learning Subscription.
  • Cover topics relevant to you. If the standard subscription doesn’t include topics important to your business or if your team needs live workshops as extra supporting exercises we provide experts to your door or online. Our instructors can also deliver bespoke training to cover elements related to your specific system and processes.
  • Higher exam pass rates. We offer a series of workshops to support your learners who wish to take Oracle Certifications.  Our validation & exam preparation service dramatically increases the certification pass levels.
This video demonstrates Oracle Learning Subscriptions labs. They are an integral part of the learning experience, as it allows the learners to practise what has been taught in a safe environment. Whether the learning is about system process, coding or administration, the labs support them all.

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