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What is an extended classroom?

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What is an extended classroom?

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Articles

An extended classroom is a hybrid between a live virtual classroom session and a live classroom session.  In an extended classroom a remote student uses virtual classroom technology in order to log into a live classroom session thereby attending the class remotely. Using internet video and smart board technology and with full access to live demo and exercise systems, the remote delegate becomes a full participant in the live delivery.

The advantages of this technology are numerous.  No longer will an inability to travel to the desired class stop you from attending nor a lack of a travel and accommodation budget.  In addition, the remote delegate gets all of the advantages of being in a live classroom environment gaining from the shared sense of purpose being in a class group engenders.

In terms of company private training events, the extended classroom facilitates the training of dispersed groups of trainees.  If there is a central location where the majority of trainees are situated, the physical class can be run from there with all of the more dispersed trainees logging into this delivery.  The company gains the benefits of training all of their delegates in a single delivery session which promotes consistency of content as well as engendering a group identity through the shared training experience.

Historically, students and organisations alike have shown frustration as classes they have signed up for are cancelled. This can cause a delay in learning as well as the required knowledge for a company to complete business-critical projects. By combining a physical classroom and online learners, the need to cancel (due to economic viabilities) is diminished substantially. Therefore meaning more classes run as scheduled and the learners receive the training required when it is required.

Fudgelearn has pioneered this approach with Oracle University via it’s Public Schedule that you can find either atwww.fudgelearn.comhttps://education.oracle.com.

If you wish to discuss extended classrooms further or how Fudgelearn can support your Oracle Cloud Training needs please email us info@fudgelearn.com, call 020 3900 1186 or book a quick chat with our experts.

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