Fudgelearn supports you to select the right training methods

User adoption

Learning that empowers people.

Fudgelearn supports you to select the right training methods

User adoption

Learning that empowers people.

Organisations adopt new systems to gain business benefits such as:

Operational Efficiencies

High-Quality Data and Reporting

Use of Automation

Lower costs of ownership

Why is user training / user adoption important?

These benefits are substantial and can create significant financial and customer benefits, however, one key area that is often undervalued is the impact on the employees within that organisation.

Not surprisingly, a staggering 40% of enterprise system implementations fail to achieve the desired outcomes because new technologies are only partially used.

This is because despite its efficiencies, users are only half-hearted about the new tools they have been given if their confidence or system competence is low.

Our training equips employees with the skills and confidence required to conquer new technologies. The training programmes we design are flexible, tailored to your specific needs and cater for different confidence, system skill-levels and languages.

Effective user training promotes a high level of user adoption and use of new tools. It is a crucial element that determines the future of the overall programme and its success.

How do we do this?

Our belief is that all of our customers should be able to be self-sustaining – meaning that Fudge provides the tools, skills and training that enables our customers to support themselves moving forward.
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Fudgelearn our training journey to sustainability
Fudgelearn our training journey to sustainability

Analysis and alignment

Firstly, it is paramount that a Training Needs Analysis is performed. This is how we understand primarily the who, what, why, when, and where. During this phase, we also engage key stakeholders within the organisation and gain their commitment to the training strategy, methods and timings of the training.
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Engagement and communications

At this stage we are mainly focusing on user engagement, and how we can achieve this via a robust communications strategy.
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Increase personal confidence levels

Building targeted training offerings to support all ranges of learners within an organisation helps to build confidence ahead and during the core learning activities.
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Develop system competence

Developing and providing hands-on system exercises, simulations and assessments supports the enhancement of system competence. All in a safe environment.
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Peer support network

We believe the pillar to a self-sustaining culture is the creation and maintenance of peer-support networks. Introducing “champions” or local “super-users” who can pass knowledge within the immediate community, coupled with social learning and community-based platforms via Learning Management Systems.
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Oracle guided learning

There are many technologies in existence that support users whilst using business applications. The use of these solutions dramatically reduces the need to call on Service Desk Support for “how to” questions. As does a Peer Support Network.
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Maintaining a learning culture

We encourage, wherever possible the maintenance of the initial learning materials and learning paths so that these become embedded in the learning culture of the organisation.
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Case study

Excellent user adoption achieved by a financial institution

Proficiency across users in the UK/EMEA.

Maximised the investment in the new software.

The training plan will be rolled out across the other regions throughout 2020 and beyond.


A global financial services company was migrating from Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle Financials & Procurement Cloud applications. Although the employees had in-depth knowledge of the old system, they were struggling with the new SaaS applications, jeopardising the success of the overall investment.


The needs analysis (TNA) across the system, process and testing scenarios highlighted a knowledge gap in two areas – User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and End Users across the globe. We worked closely with the implementation partner and the client project team to develop and deliver an effective training plan of Classroom and Video content.


The tailored training programme helped employees in the UK/EMEA reach proficiency, maximising the client’s investment in the new cloud SaaS applications. The successful training plan is now being rolled out across other regions throughout 2020 and beyond.

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