Fudgelearn works with you and your teams

Meet the Fudgelearn talent

Learn more about the individuals that will nurture your training and requirements

Fudgelearn works with you and your teams

Meet the Fudgelearn talent

Meet the Fudgelearn talent and learn more about the individuals that will nurture your training and requirements

Fudgelearn provides tailored Oracle software and infrastructure training tailored to your needs

Tony Cook

Founder & CEO

Coming from the Insurance Industry as a Trainer, Tony has had a long-standing commitment with the Oracle User community, which is evident in the fact he founded the first independent Oracle Alliance as well as founding an extremely successful Oracle resourcing specialist company.

He has had a close-knit partnership with the UKOUG for many years which has only strengthened his relationship with the community.

Taking a peek into his personal life, Tony was born in Dorset and grew up in East London. His interests lie in sports such as Rugby, Skiing and Cycling. He has combined his love of cycling with a desire to help others and took part in his longest cycle ride to date from Germany to the UK! Tony likes nothing more than to spend time with his wife and two children.

Tony is a solutions designer and problem solver with a passion for training. His experience in handling businesses for over 20 years has helped him understand the requirements of most company departments and allowed him to develop a business that benefits both his customers and partners alike.

Tony is a strong believer in continuous improvement and is completely focused on customer service excellence, this is evident throughout everything that the Fudge team do.

Fudgelearn provides tailored Oracle software and infrastructure training tailored to your needs

Peter Jones

Enterprise Sales Manager

Peter has worked in the IT Education sector for over 30 years. This is roughly around the time that PC’s first started to appear on users desks and the internet was becoming a thing. In that time Peter has worked for some of the leading brands delivering IT Services and End User training solutions such as LearnDirect, SCC & Oracle University in the UK. At Fudgelern Ltd since 2017, Peter has been responsible for Business Development, Client Facing, Partner/Client Relationship Management and Training Solution Provisioning.

In addition, Peter works closely with Tony Cook – Founder & CEO and Amanda Gardner – Training Manager on effectively Marketing Fudgelearn’s services. 

A proud Brummie whose first career was in Catering and Hospitality, Peter still retains a passion for food (growing, cooking and eating). More recently Peter rolled up his sleeves to become a hands-on volunteer for Birmingham based charities and good causes such as Love Brum, Let’s Feed Brum and Birmingham Civic Society on which he is a Board Trustee. Peter loves to discuss Social Equality and Inclusion and is the Founder of a podcast called “Ordinary People” where guests from diverse backgrounds debate the issues of today and tomorrow. 

In 2021 Peter accepted an offer to become a Non-Exec Chairman of a Community Interest Company providing Outdoor Adventure & Learning Services to Local Communities, Public Sector organisations & Social Enterprise. 

Peter has one daughter, now working in Finance. In his remaining spare time, he loves to play a range of sports – Tennis, Golf, Swimming (badly) and whenever fitness allows, Social Rugby.

Fudgelearn provides tailored Oracle software and infrastructure training tailored to your needs

Rachel Shepherd

Project Manager / Head of Operations

Rachel has enjoyed her role in providing financial support and oversight and shaping business processes, since she joined the team in 2018.  

With over 10 years experience in managing, planning and budgeting Agile and Prince II projects and portfolios across IT, education and construction industries, Rachel is passionate about continuous improvement and getting the best policies and processes working effectively for the business to achieve its goals.  She fully believes in the philosophy that no matter how good you get, you can always get a little bit better and that’s where the exciting opportunity is.

Outside of work Rachel loves baking and spending time making a mess in the kitchen with her two young children aka ‘star bakers’.  Living in SW London they are lucky to be able to go on cycling adventures in the beautiful leafy parks, with everyone trying to keep up with her cycling-mad husband.  She is getting back into running and is looking forward to parkrun starting up again soon. In lockdown Rachel rediscovered a love of reading and is a member of a local book club.

Lisa Bowman is the Fudgelearn Events / Resource Manager / PMO

Lisa Bowman

Events / Resource Manager / PMO

Lisa has 18+ year’s experience in the IT training industry, predominantly at the world’s largest enterprise software company, Oracle Corporation UK, where Lisa became the team leader for Private Events across EMEA. Following this, Lisa was assigned to South & East Africa along with the SADC region where she provided front line support for training events in a very challenging and competitive environment.

Her experience has included Technical, Customer Support/Service, Private Event Project Management and resourcing

Due to an internal restructure of Oracle University, Lisa took time out to spend some quality time with her young daughter and then decided to invest herself in becoming a Salesforce Administrator, it was around this time, she was introduced to Tony via her previous manager at Oracle. Tony was extremely passionate about this new venture with Fudgelearn and invited Lisa to join the team as an Events and Resource manager – having the experience already and being a people person, this was the perfect role for her and hasn’t looked back since!

Outside of work, Lisa enjoys spending time with her children, cooking, entertaining and has a newfound love for running fitness bootcamps with her friends!

Team Photo of Ash Halim

Ash Halim

Senior Oracle Trainer / Training Manager

Having spent the past two decades as an Oracle Training Manager, Ash has mastered the recipe of helping employees to seamlessly embrace the transition to Oracle ERP systems, regardless of their job role, business sector, or industry.

Ash started as a Training Consultant in Oracle UK in Reading in 1997 and continued as a Training Delivery contractor from 2002 onwards, helping companies such as Network Rail, Pfizer, RBS, Tropicana, Primark and Tesco Bank.

Joining FudgeLearn in January 2023 was a natural step for Ash to complement the team with whom his paths have crossed in many Oracle implementation projects at different clients.

Ash enjoys the training preparations that run in parallel with an Oracle project rollout, but he gets a kick from connecting with the people who will use the new systems and need to be prepared for the change. As the training unfolds, you will see the spirits rise as Ash cracks a joke to break up the tension and make the experience pleasant for his delegates. He also ensures that nobody leaves the room with doubts or unanswered questions.

Originally a Management Accountant, Ash has a Master’s degree in Business Administration. He loves history, enjoys playing tennis, and is a passionate cricket fan.

Ash has worked and lived in different countries around the world such as the US, Australia, Japan, India, and Spain. Originally from London, he currently lives in Edinburgh with his wife, son, and cat.

Roger Cranstone

Roger Cranstone

Senior Oracle Trainer / Training Manager

Roger started his training career in the mid-90s designing and delivering various in-house training programmes in the insurance sector and the water industry.  He then had an opportunity to work with Oracle UPK) and working as a contractor worked on many private and public sector contracts producing e-learning content and delivering training across both HR and Finance modules. 
His versatility meant that he also ran training teams for organisations with bespoke training implementations, using a variety of blended learning solutions to meet the needs of the organisation and individuals. Roger has a passion for the production and delivery of great training material, always with the end user as the focus to ensure they are equipped and ready for the adoption of new systems.
Having returned to full time employment with Fudge, Roger is hoping to build on the success they have achieved so far, help with the continuous improvement of the business and help take Fudge to be the preferred learning partner of choice.
Away from the day job, Roger has a 2nd role as Dad’s Taxi, is a retired cricketer but a big fan following the fortunes of Hampshire and England. He enjoys time on the golf course and socialising with family and friends, especially when serving up tasty BBQs.
Fudgelearn provides tailored Oracle software and infrastructure training tailored to your needs

Vanessa Godwin

Oracle Guided Learning Content Developer

Vanessa, previously, worked as a Health and Safety Officer, as well as working in the most famous bank in Mauritius. She founded GeniusCrest with her husband, Andy and became a Currency Trader. She enjoys Currency Trading and is currently the Director of a Professional Services since 2018.

She is an asset to Fudgelearn with her in-depth Oracle Guided Learning (OGL) knowledge.

Vanessa has one son and loves to hike and travel with many creative endeavours such as baking, sewing, drawing, and designing.

Roger Cranstone

Glen Bambrick

Snr Oracle Trainer / Training Manager

Glen has extensive Oracle Experience in Training Management, Training Development, Implementation Projects, Testing and Support in both the Private and Public Sectors. Glen has worked in a number of Industries including IT, Insurance, Manufacturing, Logistics, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Telecoms and Retail.
He has extensive modular knowledge and experience in Finance, P2P, Inventory and OM and has a passion for training and training people correctly.  Glen has a passion for people and training them and giving them an understanding to perform a function and appreciate downstream issues.
On a number projects he has written test scripts for clients and latterly within fusion has been resolving issues with loading data via FBDI.
Outside of work he plays golf regularly and enjoys country walks. He has one daughter who he is extremely proud of, Glen also taught her to use procurement at the age of 5 so she could prepare some training data for a forthcoming course! 
Fudgelearn provides tailored Oracle software and infrastructure training tailored to your needs

Andrew Godwin

Head of Delivery

Andy has worked with a global client base which includes Fortune 500 Companies. He has implemented several Trading Floor Strategies and published several articles and an eBook on Trading Strategies. Andy is a futurist and keynote speaker on all thing’s technology.

Outside work, Andy has achieved a fully qualified Airline Transport Pilot licence holder with Multi Engine Flight Instructor rating. He was the recipient of the American flyers Certificate of Distinction. He is an accomplished jazz saxophonist and composer playing several musical instruments.

Professional Image of Melanie Kindness

Melanie Kindness

Oracle Guided Learning Lead

Melanie has 20 years of experience in Business Process Design and Documentation, Change Management and Training and Support Development. 

She has worked with Oracle and other consulting organisations across various industries – working in various locations in UK, Europe, South Africa and Australia.

Melanie has spent 4 years working for FCDO in South East Asia to provide consular assistance to British nationals and procedural and systems training for colleagues. She rejoined the world of Oracle training on her return to the UK, and at Fudgelearn, she has developed and delivered end-user training for Human Capital Management (HCM) and scoped Oracle Guided Learning (OGL) for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Living on the edge of the Highlands, she is a keen fair-weather mountain biker.

Fudgelearn provides tailored Oracle software and infrastructure training tailored to your needs

Alan Hopcraft

Senior Training Consultant

Alan’s training career started in the early 1990s working in Universities, Colleges and other public sector organisations. Having developed and managed some of the first multi-disciplinary teachings and learning resource development teams in these sectors, he became an advocate of designing courses around a variety of delivery methods.

Working in what were often heavily cost-constrained organisations helped him develop methodologies that produced cost-effective solutions, focused on end-user outcomes, while still managing to engage learners’ interest. He remains a firm believer that while it’s easy to produce good training when money is no object, true art is creating great training within a limited budget.

Over the last 15 or so years, he has been heavily involved in training development for ERP and other large system roll-outs. Leaning heavily on his experience across a wide range of sectors, Alan is passionate about developing training solutions that match the needs of all of an organisation’s end user communities. By utilising a range of carefully targeted training interventions, these solutions allow everyone to achieve the best possible training outcome for both themselves and their organisation.

In his spare time, Alan is an enthusiastic, and slowly improving, woodworker and a novice pizza chef.

Fudgelearn provides tailored Oracle software and infrastructure training tailored to your needs

Shaan Rayat

Graduate Marketer

Finishing University in 2021, Shaan graduated with a Psychology BSc (Hons) degree. Deciding on what to pursue after University, she wanted to utilise her Psychology knowledge whilst also using and developing her creative, and IT skills.

After taking up work experience as a Social Media Marketer, she found herself drawn to analysing data to improve social media engagement. She found that working with Fudgelearn catered to her interests and development. She has enjoyed joining the team and learning about the world of Oracle!

In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and baking for her family. Her enjoyment for books began during lockdown and is currently finding new places to store her books! Being a foodie, she enjoys trying new recipes, and discovering restaurants with her friends.

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