Fudgelearn Oracle training insight

Our part in the recent Travis Perkins Finance Transformation Program Conference – Project APEX

Fudgelearn Oracle training insight

Our part in the recent Travis Perkins Finance Transformation Program Conference – Project APEX

by | May 25, 2023 | Articles, Fudgelearn

Fudge is proud to be the Training Partner for Travis Perkins, alongside our partner and the implementation partner – Hitachi Vantara. We were recently invited to join the Finance community, Program Teams, Workstream Leads and TP Senior Leadership at the Travis Perkins Finance Conference, which had it’s goals to include the wider user community and communicate where key changes would impact the business, why the business has opted to migrate to Oracle Fusion Cloud applications and the key benefits that will derive from this transformation.

Nick Roberts Travis Perkins CEO

We kicked off with a presentation from the CEO – Nick Roberts, followed by Alan Williams the CFO, Phil Tenney – CTO and our project sponsor – Jane Morrison – Director of Finance Transformation. All supported by our host – Chris Bosworth – Group Strategy Director.

Following these very insightful presentations there was a series of breakout sessions, which delegates attended in a colour coded fashion. One of those breakout sessions was ours, in this breakout session we covered Oracle Guided Learning (OGL).

We ran a breakout session to demonstrate some of the OGL content that we had already developed. First, Tony Cook spoke about the business benefits, and Emma Cunningham – Training Lead, explained about the messaging and in-application support that can be created using OGL. Our Senior OGL Analyst – Melanie Kindness then supported our volunteers while they joined us on stage.

We invited volunteers to come up and select a random card containing a scenario and field level data for one of three processes – viewing inventory items, requesting a new supplier registration, or creating a requisition. The volunteer then logged into the Travis Perkins Oracle environment, launched the relevant process guide, and used the OGL assistance to help them complete the system transaction. It was the first time most of the audience had seen the system, and the comments were very positive, e.g. “It tells you exactly what you need to do”, and “It is really easy to follow”.

We will go into more detail of the Oracle Guided Learning specifics in our next blog. To be reminded of this please register for our newsletters on the pop up registration form.

Our colleague from Oracle University – Rachael Griffiths was in attendance to support these sessions and we were really grateful to Rachael for taking to time to attend and support us.

Travis Perkins Oracle Guided Learning

Following four of these 20 minute breakout sessions we all resumed into the main conference room for further Senior Leadership presentations, and one presentation by our very own Emma Cunningham to bring to life just how the Fudge training team will cater for the different training needs that Travis Perkins has across the business.

Oracle Training Travis Perkins

What we presented

We did a presentation on the training approach prior to the Oracle implementation in collaboration with the TP non-Oracle training lead regarding learning journeys and the types of learning solutions we would deliver depending on the training need that was identified. We covered the type of user, the type of training we can deliver along with the delivery methods and supporting learning materials.

Training Approach Travis Perkins

We will discuss this training approach in more detail in future blog articles.

Following more breakout sessions in the afternoon, the day was closed with a Snr Leadership Panel Q&A session, which gave all the delegates time to get their burning questions answered. Training came up in this session, therefore Emma was called upon again to answer these questions.

Training Questions Travis Perkins

We would like to thank Travis Perkins for inviting us to their Conference and to be included in this amazing event. Specifically, it was great to understand the views of the Finance community and their views around the user engagement and potential worries they may have.

The fact that the TP Senior Leadership team, including the CEO and Group CFO were in attendance and supporting the program is a testament to how committed the TP program team and our partners Hitachi Vantara are to making this a huge success. Our team are very proud to be a small part of this very large and complex transformation program.


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