Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI)

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This course will introduce you to Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence – OTBI, and provide you with the necessary skills to understand business requirements using an actionable insights approach. We will use hands-on lab sessions to give you the confidence to

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Transform your company data into intelligence for improved decision making. Provide time-critical, relevant and accurate insights. Using OTBI will enable you to customise and create user-friendly dashboards in a drag-and-drop fashion.
  • Introduction to OTBI
  • Understanding Subject Areas and Analyses
  • Creating Shared Filters
  • BI Answers Tool
  • Handling Agent Alerts
  • Working with Set Operators
  • Build Sections and Table Prompts
  • Creating a Blank Analysis Using a Wizard
  • Creating a Basic Analysis Using BI Answers
  • Editing an Analysis
  • Building and working with Dashboards
  • Building Gauges
  • Drilldown
  • Creating, Editing and Formatting Graphs
  • Working with Set Operators
  • Running a Predefined OTBI Reporting Object
  • Create a Dashboard Using Javascript and Text Views
  • Delivery Agents and User-Defined Infolets
  • Creating Narrative Views
  • Creating Infolets and associating them to Presentation Tiles
  • Using Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence for Reporting in Financials
  • Describe the Components and Key Features of OTBI
  • Setting Preferences
  • Use BI Composer
  • Use Oracle Transactional BI Answers to Create and Edit Analyses, Dashboards, and Views
  • Use the Mobile App Designer
  • Create a Custom Infolet Using Oracle Transactional BI Objects
  • Linking Infolets to OTBI content
  • Administrator
  • Finance Managers
  • Report Creators
Instructor-led class

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