Fudgelearn Oracle training insight

Online training helps survive through COVID-19

Fudgelearn Oracle training insight

Online training helps survive through COVID-19

by | Mar 31, 2021 | Articles

The coronavirus situation has turned our lives upside down and created a new normal for businesses everywhere. And although the future looks uncertain, there’s a lot to be gained by looking at the big picture and thinking about the future. When the worst is over, and this time will come, will your business be able to recover fast, operate as usual and stay competitive – or even accelerate and improve on its current position?

Most of your employees are now working from home in isolation. And with no commute and fewer meetings, some might find themselves with spare time in their workday. This is time that can be invested in improving skills and knowledge for the future. With the right learning programme, your workforce can take this period of social isolation and use it to train and progress in preparation for the return to normality. Online training is so powerful that even the WHO are using it in the fight against coronavirus.

Training not only provides a for isolated employees, but it’s also a great way to focus on something positive amidst the sad stories and bad news. It can boost self-esteem, give a sense of achievement and prepare for the time when the crisis is over. Most importantly, investing in training shows your employees that their career development matters to you, and gives them a sense of confidence that your business is in good shape to survive the hard times.

At Fudgelearn, we’re 100% committed to providing your workers with the high-quality training they need while in social isolation. You can choose from thousands of tried and tested online courses that will help employees learn to utilise your Oracle system to its full advantage.

Live Virtual Classes

Offer your employees the ability to join a virtual class in real-time. These interactive online tutorials a run by our expert Oracle instructors in a virtual classroom. Sessions include 2-way communication, tests, demonstrations and hands-on-labs to practice what you have been taught. These virtual classes are just as effective as physical ones.

Oracle Learning Subscriptions

The Learning Subscription is an all-digital learning tool for IT professionals requiring Oracle-based training (Cloud or On-Premise Products). It is a convenient, flexible and cost-effective way to train your technical team. Find out more about the subscriptions and how they can benefit you.

Training on Demand (TOD)

Your employees can train online by watching digitally recorded courses – anytime, anywhere. TOD courses include whiteboarding and lab activities, with the ability to search video, pause or rewind. They are made available on a named user basis for a term of 90 days from the effective date of your order, and you can access streaming lectures 24/7.

Although we’re facing a time of hardship, there’s a lot of room for optimism. If you can provide your workforce with the right training and development programme, you can transform this period of potential disruption into a learning and growth opportunity for your whole business. In fact, virtual training is the answer to helping your business survive and even thrive through COVID-19.

 Let’s discuss how virtual training can help your business thrive while the rest of the world is in pause mode.


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