Fudgelearn Oracle training insight

Oracle5:Live – Oracle Guided Learning customer polling.

Fudgelearn Oracle training insight

Oracle5:Live – Oracle Guided Learning customer polling.

by | Jul 25, 2023 | Articles

Following on from our previous blog, we shared the Oracle Guided Learning (OGL) Session that we presented with Travis Perkins during the Oracle5:Live Event on Thursday 22nd June 2023.

We presented three polls during our Session:

Q1: Does your organisation use Oracle Guided Learning?

Q2: What issues has your organisation faced when training or supporting users?

Q3: How does your organisation manage change communication?


For Q1, we were surprised to learn that only 19% of voters use OGL! Where do you stand?

We’ve continually found that Organisations are unsure what OGL is exactly, and how they can use the free tool (OGL Included) for their Oracle Cloud (Fusion) Application.

OGL is an in-application support tool that users can access immediately, at their time of need. It answers the “how to” questions, and with OGL Included, Organisations receive 15 Free Assets.

So what’s included (pun intended)?

  • Splash screen messages – a great way to communicate key business change, policy, and process messages.
  • Flashing beacons to alert users to a particular page area or field.
  • Screen tips applied to fields – allowing you to hover over a Question Mark icon which displays tip(s) to the user.

And more…

Some benefits include:

  • In-time learning that is personalised for each role and organisation.
  • 63% reduction in IT Support Requests.
  • Continuous updates through Cloud releases and Business Process changes (with minimal disruption to End-Users).
  • 3-6 months for ROI.

Question 2: 71% reported that the issues faced are:

  • Users are dispersed across multiple locations.
  • Users are decentralised.
  • Users Work from Home (WFH).

Does this relate to you too?

One of the biggest challenges TP identified was that some colleagues will require extra support and guidance post go-live of Oracle. Does this cause an issue for OGL? Of course not.

OGL provides a digital solution that can be used to cover this challenge. It is readily available, at your time of need, in any location! Users feel supported knowing that they can call upon help with a click of a mouse – resulting in 63% decrease in IT Support Requests.

Fudgelearn also addresses this concern when delivering our training. We approach each project with personal, tailored, blended training that is adapted to how you and your team work best. So, if your organisation faces a decentralised, or dispersed user issue, then we have the option of in-class training, virtual training, or a combination of both (hybrid training). What’s more is that we understand everyone learns differently, so we have a wide range of learning content from written Quick Reference Guides (QRFs), visual demo videos, Learning Subscriptions and more!

Question 3: Results showed that 41% of change communications came via Town Hall Style Presentations, 35% via Email, and 24% via Intranet/ Portal.

So, what does this mean? The implementation or upgrade of a new system is a lot deeper than learning how it works. Users should understand how the change affects their day-to-day way of working.

Changes to policies and procedures are common but are these communicated well? Fudgelearn’s experience tells us that this is often not the case – so what can OGL do to help with this?

OGL provides flexibility and a wide range of options to support the change, communications, and training for a new implementation (for example, the splash screen messages can be used to convey important information and warnings to alert users to new changes).


Fudgelearn are experts at implementing, designing, and managing OGL. For Travis Perkins, we collaborated with their Change Team, and Subject Matter Experts to find the right balance of in-class training and OGL – which provides the perfect aid to their training and will be there long after the trainers have left! We broke down the design into functional areas with content reviewed and signed off for accuracy. We have had some positive responses from this project, and we look forward to the next steps with Travis Perkins. Stay tuned for updates!

We have the tools to bridge the training gap for your team. As an Oracle Guided Learning Partner, we are happy to help so that you can be confident in knowing that your Oracle Cloud (Fusion) is fully maximised with OGL! If you would like to learn how we can help your organisation’s Oracle training, then please contact us or book a free consultation with us. We also post demo videos on our YouTube Channel and stay updated with our current projects and training, monthly, with our LinkedIn Newsletter.

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