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Oracle5:Live – De-Risking Oracle Cloud ERP User-Adoption With Oracle Guided Learning

Fudgelearn Oracle training insight

Oracle5:Live – De-Risking Oracle Cloud ERP User-Adoption With Oracle Guided Learning

by | Jul 25, 2023 | Articles

On Thursday 22nd June, hundreds of Oracle professionals came together to attend the Oracle5:Live Conference 2023. Here, like-minded individuals used the one-day event to expand their industry knowledge, as well as learn something new. With a wide range of topics like Finance and Accounting; HR & Payroll, Innovation and more, Oracle5:Live was another success as it’s the UK’s only dedicated Oracle professional user event!

We had the pleasure of presenting a Session with Travis Perkins (TP) (as we are their Training Partner). Tony Cook (Fudgelearn’s Founder), Barnaby Craft (TP’s Head of Finance Operations Systems) and Justin Gibbs (TP’s Finance Manager) presented:

“How Travis Perkins is de-risking their Oracle ERP User-Adoption with Oracle Guided Learning (OGL)”.

Fudgelearn are designing and delivering in-house classroom-based training, as well as implementing and designing OGL for TP. TP is preparing to go live with Oracle Cloud (Fusion) in October 2023, and are using OGL as a key component of their training delivery.

This session explored the training approach, and how the collaboration has worked well. We presented background information, the challenges faced and the benefits OGL will bring to TP.

To commence, Barnaby reassured the audience that OGL was not the same as Microsoft’s “Clippy” the PaperClip (which is what Barnaby had visions of)! Whilst Clippy was an “user support tool”, it was very limited in how it helped users, unlike OGL. OGL is contextual, meaning it presents information relevant to a user and their role(s) in the system, as well as the specific fields or elements of the system that they need help with.

Clippy had a pre-determined set of questions and answers. It was impractical for users and became a quick dislike for users – having been removed in 2007!

OGL, is different (and better). It is an in-application support tool that is readily available at your time of need. It is customised to only include what is relevant for you.

The widget above is the first step to OGL. This is the button to press to begin the guide. The video below shows a demo, put together by our Oracle Guided Learning Lead, Melanie Kindness.

The two teams have worked together to design the OGL material for all the workstream processes – with Fudgelearn’s expertise guiding TP’s decision in their choice of learning aids available from OGL.

Both teams expressed how well they have collaborated and from a TP perspective, they honestly confessed their initial scepticism when first hearing about the help tool, but have since understood, and been grateful to incorporated it.

The range of users, from UK wide branches, has enabled Fudgelearn to create OGL content suitable for all. The project is ongoing but so far feedback from implementation project team within TP has more than justified the decision to use OGL and work with Fudgelearn.

But there is still so much more to OGL. We presented 3 Polls to our audience regarding their position and familiarity with OGL – the results were not overly surprising in all honesty. Our next blog unpacks the poll questions and their responses as well as our best solutions!

We have the tools to bridge the training gap for your team. If you would like to learn how we can help your organisation’s Oracle training, then please contact us or book a free consultation with us. We also post demo videos on our YouTube Channel and stay updated with our current projects and training, monthly, with our LinkedIn Newsletter.


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