Fudgelearn Oracle training insight

Guaranteed to Run courses

Fudgelearn Oracle training insight

Guaranteed to Run courses

by | Jul 9, 2019 | Articles

Here at Fudgelearn we partner with Oracle University to provide high quality training on a range of subjects relating to the Oracle technology landscape. These courses are expertly tailored to provide a learner-centric training solution that has proved to be incredibly popular with our customers.

At times, there may not be enough demand for a particular class or course, which can sometimes result in us having to cancel or reschedule it. However we are aware that for many students, having a fixed schedule is important, therefore, Oracle are delighted to announce a brand new service for our customers — “Guaranteed to Run.” To ensure the sessions you book will go ahead as planned, look out for the green “Guaranteed to Run” symbol when booking any of the classroom or virtual training packages. As the name suggests, these classes will happen regardless of how many students enroll.

At Fudgelearn, we offer a range of virtual and physical learning experiences to suit the individual needs of each business. We can provide classroom training, virtual sessions, private events, workshops, on-demand self-study, and more.

By conducting a training needs analysis, we are able to gauge which solution is the best fit for a specific group. A Training Need Analysis (TNA) assesses which format, location, language, duration, and support will be most appropriate and effective for you and your team, customising your unique learning experience.

Oracle have specifically designed their courses to combine the optimal teaching strategies featured in the “learning pyramid” model devised by National Training Laboratories. The learning pyramid model sets out the best methods to help learners absorb and retain new concepts and ideas.

To that end, Oracle’s live courses incorporate group discussion, product demonstration, and practical, hands-on elements, as well as audiovisual and written resources. Additionally, all Fudgelearn training is covered by the Oracle University’s 100% Student Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you’d like more information on how to sign up to one of Oracle’s Guaranteed to Run courses, book a quick chat with our experts. You can also contact us by calling 020 3900 1186 or by emailing info@fudgelearn.com.

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