Fudgelearn Oracle training insight

Exploring the differences between Oracle Journeys and Oracle Guided Learning

Fudgelearn Oracle training insight

Exploring the differences between Oracle Journeys and Oracle Guided Learning

by | Jul 9, 2024 | Articles, Fudgelearn

In the realm of modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) and human capital management (HCM), Oracle offers an array of tools designed to streamline processes, enhance user experience, and facilitate learning and development. Two notable offerings in this suite are Oracle Journeys and Oracle Guided Learning. While they share some similarities in terms of their overarching goals, they cater to different needs and use cases within an organisation. Here, we delve into the key differences between these two Oracle products to provide a clear understanding of their functionalities and benefits.

Oracle Journeys

Oracle Journeys is a feature within the Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM suite (and soon to be ERP), specifically designed to guide employees through various tasks, processes, and experiences throughout their employment lifecycle. The primary focus of Oracle Journeys is on the employee experience, making complex processes more intuitive and manageable.

Key Features of Oracle Journeys:

Employee-Centric Processes: Oracle Journeys aims to simplify and personalise employee experiences, such as onboarding, promotions, relocations, and even off-boarding. By breaking down complex processes into manageable steps, it ensures employees know exactly what to do at each stage.

Customisable Journeys: HR teams can create tailored journeys that meet the specific needs of their organisation and workforce. These journeys can be customised to reflect the company’s culture, policies, and unique processes.

Contextual Guidance: As employees navigate through their journeys, they receive contextual guidance and relevant information, ensuring they have access to the right resources at the right time.
Integration with HCM Suite: Oracle Journeys seamlessly integrates with other modules within the Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM suite, allowing for a unified experience that leverages existing data and workflows.

Mobile Accessibility: Employees can access their journeys on the go through mobile devices, ensuring they remain productive and informed regardless of their location.

Oracle Guided Learning (OGL)

Oracle Guided Learning, on the other hand, is a tool designed to facilitate user adoption and proficiency with Oracle Fusion applications. It focuses on providing in-application guidance to help users learn and perform tasks within the software effectively. OGL support items to a field level, rather than a process level, like Journeys.

Key Features of Oracle Guided Learning:

In-Application Guidance: Oracle Guided Learning offers real-time, in-application assistance to users as they navigate Oracle Fusion applications. This feature helps users learn by doing, reducing the learning curve associated with new software.

Step-by-Step Instructions: Users receive step-by-step instructions directly within the application, guiding them through processes and ensuring they complete tasks accurately and efficiently.
Customisation and Scalability: Organisations can tailor the guidance provided by Oracle Guided Learning to match their specific processes and terminology. This customisation ensures that the guidance is relevant and beneficial to the users.

User Adoption and Training: By providing immediate assistance and reducing the need for traditional training methods, Oracle Guided Learning helps increase user adoption rates and overall productivity.

Data Validation: Field level support throughout the process is key for enabling the correct data input, supporting the processes. OGL is an effective data validation and guidance tool for field level entry.
Analytics and Reporting: Organisations can track usage and effectiveness of the guided learning paths through analytics, allowing them to identify areas where additional training, support or resources may be needed.

Key Differences

Purpose and Focus: Oracle Journeys: Primarily focuses on enhancing the employee experience by guiding them through various HR-related processes. Oracle Guided Learning: Aims to improve user adoption and proficiency within Oracle Fusion applications by providing in-application guidance and data validation.

Target Audience: Oracle Journeys: Geared towards employees and HR teams, enhancing the overall employee lifecycle experience. Oracle Guided Learning: Designed for all users of Oracle Fusion applications, focusing on improving task completion and reducing the need for some extensive training.

Integration: Oracle Journeys: Integrated within the Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM suite, leveraging HR data and workflows. Oracle Guided Learning: Provides guidance across various Oracle applications via an overlay, offering field level and system role based contextual support. Works in conjunction with Journeys and Oracle Digital Assistant, as well as all Fusion Applications.

Customisation: Oracle Journeys: Customisable to create personalised employee journeys based on the organisation’s needs. Oracle Guided Learning: Customisable guidance paths, smart tips, messages and links to external content tailored to specific processes and terminology within Oracle Fusion applications.


Oracle Journeys and Oracle Guided Learning are powerful tools designed to enhance user experience and productivity within organisations. While Oracle Journeys focuses on simplifying and personalising employee experiences within the HR domain, Oracle Guided Learning aims to facilitate user adoption and proficiency across Oracle Fusion applications. One does not replace the other, in fact they complement each other. Put simply, Oracle Journeys gets the user to a task, Oracle Guided Learning shows them how to complete that task. Therefore, understanding the distinct purposes and features of each can help organisations effectively leverage these tools to meet their unique needs and drive success.

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