Fudgelearn Oracle training insight

Cloud Financials Reporting

Fudgelearn Oracle training insight

Cloud Financials Reporting

by | Jul 2, 2019 | Articles

Businesses often deploy new technologies to streamline their internal processes. A system upgrade offers a range of benefits, but properly educating your staff on its use and function is crucial to ensure the transition goes without a hitch and your new system is operating as efficiently as possible. We recognise that reporting is unique to each user depending on their requirements, and this Oracle class educates users on how to make the most from their reporting solutions within Cloud ERP.  In fact, our Enhanced Learning Reporting workshop is one of the most commonly requested courses by our customers.

As a leading Oracle-certified training partner in Europe, Fudgelearn offers a range of training courses relating to Oracle Cloud computing products. One such course is Oracle Financials Cloud: Financials Reporting.

This course teaches your staff how to use Oracle Cloud’s in-built financial reporting system. The training explores the system’s various features and processes, from the basics such as sub-ledger and cash management up to more technical functions like analysing generated reports.

The course is divided into nine separate modules, including:

  • Financial Reporting Center
  • Oracle Financial Reports
  • Smart View
  • Business Intelligence Publisher
  • Oracle Business Intelligence
  • Financial Reporting Studio

Financials Reporting also explains how to implement info lets. Your team members can use an info let to create a comprehensive report and deliver it to a specific person. In addition, students will also be taught how to create reports with Oracle Cloud’s Financial Reporting Studio.

The course covers how to streamline financial analysis tasks using the platform’s Smart View and Account Monitor features. Students will learn how to use these tools in conjunction with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint to create, edit, and distribute a report of their findings.

Your team will also learn how to use the platform’s more advanced features, which could help you to further optimise or even automate some of your processes.

A better understanding of these features will be of particular benefit for anyone who makes decisions concerning your company’s finances. The course provides users with a broader perspective on how the Oracle Cloud platform works and helps to ensure your business is utilising it to its fullest potential.

The Oracle Financials Cloud: Financials Reporting course is recommended for end-users and analysts using Oracle Cloud and On-Premises deployments.

If you want to learn more about this or any of our other Oracle courses, book a quick chat with our experts. You can also contact us by calling 020 3900 1186 or by emailing info@fudgelearn.com.

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